Against animal cruelty in China

Help us help the angora rabbits in China

Purchase "ANGORA WITH HEART" and help us help angora rabbits in China.
Funds raised from the sale of this pattern, 25 SEK each, go to relief efforts for angora rabbits in China.

We occasionally receive inquiries about the cruel treatment of angora rabbits in China. Unfortunately, some mistakenly assume that we in Sweden use the same inhumane methods to harvest fur from our rabbits. Nothing could be further from the truth!

I am extremely grateful that so many of you are involved in the fight against the cruel treatment of angora rabbits in China, and I will gladly answer any questions about how we raise our rabbits, and how farmers in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries care for their rabbits. I share your frustration with these practices, and, like you, I can barely stand to watch the graphic reports on television and the internet.

I designed the hat "Angora with Heart" to create a symbol that reflects the fact that in Sweden, we treat our rabbits with love and respect. We shop with our conscience, and we boycott products from animals that are mistreated. We are proud that our angora rabbits feel good!

At AngoraGarnet we love our animals and we make sure that our rabbits and other animals live as good and happy a life as possible.

Due to a genetic mutation, the angora rabbit’s fur grows throughout its life. For its own wellbeing, it must be trimmed every three months. Otherwise the fur becomes tangled and matted, pulls the rabbit’s skin, and makes movement painful. Left unattended, the rabbit becomes lethargic, stops eating, and will eventually starve to death.  Because these lovely and exotic animals cannot survive in the wild, it is difficult to define their “natural” environment. It simply doesn’t exist!

At AngoraGarnet, we never pull fur from our rabbits, as is done in China. Nor do we tie or restrain the rabbit in any way. Instead we ensure that trimming is done in a quiet, stress-free environment.  The rabbit sits calmly, without restraints, on a table while I cut its back and sides. It lies cozily in my lap while I clip its tummy. The process is painless and enjoyable both for the rabbit and for me. And though it takes time, I wouldn’t do it any other way.

I love crafts, knitting, and creating new designs, and I love working with angora. I started raising angora rabbits so that I and other conscientious knitters would have access to ethically sourced angora. AngoraGarnet is proud to provide a resource for information about angora rabbits and an alternative source for angora yarns. All of the yarn we sell is made from our farm’s own rabbits or from rabbits raised by Scandinavian farmers who follow our own ethical standards. If you have any questions about our practices, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will gladly answer any questions about how we raise our rabbits, and how farmers in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries care for their rabbits.

Happy knitting and a hearty THANK YOU for your help and support. Pernille.

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