Facts about angora wool

Angora wool is a natural product that has not been exposed to chemicals or mechanical processing .

The angora rabbit provides the world's finest wool, especially known for its softness and warmth, but one must not forget its purity and strength.

Wool from angora rabbits contains no fat such as , for example, sheep wool and the fineness at cross section of the angora woolfibers is at least 4 times finer compared to sheepwool. Despite this fineness the angorayarn is very strong and can be hard to break with your hands. If you knit something wrong, do not hesitate to pick up and work on , over and over again.
You will always get a nice result ! You will not have to worry.

Angora wool has many advantages compared to yarns of other kinds of wool:
Due to the angorafibers fine structure, the wool has a much better effect of heat insulation and occupies more than twice as much moisture compared to sheep wool . Eventhough wet you will not necessarily feel that the wool is wet and the wool will still retains its warmth.


It is this ability which has made socks and gloves from angorawoll very popular among divers , fishermen, hunters and others who spend a lot of time in cold and wet environments. Do you love skating and skiing all day during winter? Angora is the answer.

Angora is considered to be soothed by joint pains and rheumatic disorders .

For yarn production we use only carefully selected first class angora wool . The rabbit will be 8 months old untill its wool can obtain the status of first-class angorawool. Angora wool is cut from the rabbit's back and sides by hand with a small scissor. We never use machines because we believe that cutting by hand is calmer for the rabbit, who enjoys to be pampered and seems to like the haircut. Shearing is done by timeintervals of 3 months and byt hat time the angorawool has grown 7cm of lenght.


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