Care instructions


Angora wool is resistant to dirt. It's not often that you need to wash the garment of angora.

Would you still feel the need of washing it is recommended to wash by hand in 30 ° C hot water. Never use regular detergent but wool detergent, or a mild colorless shampoo, such as childrens schampoo. It is very important to not twist or rub; the garment could felt. Angora can withstand temperatures up to 80-90 ° C, provided that it is not subject to temperature shock; warm up slowly and let the angora garment cool in the water. Handle with care.


Rinse thoroughly, add a little vinegar or apple cider vinegar in the final rinse water to restore the natural balance. A mild colorless shampoo also prevents static electricity, which can occur if the angora garment is worn with any synthetic materials.

Avoid spinning.

Press out the water easily and gently, roll the garment in a towel and press the towel. Dry flat, shake out the garment when it is almost dry.

Angorans fuzziness comes with the body heat when using the garment. The same happens after washing. If it is still uneven, you can brush the surface gently with a brush. Personally I never do, I have never found it  necessary.


Store the garment lying flat. Allow the garment to rest after use. Hang out the garment a moment when moisture in the air.


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