Gröna Ängen - The Green Meadow

Bohus Stickning. Designer: Anna-Lisa Mannheimer Lunn

Kits for "Gröna Ängen" - The Green Meadow are available. To order a kit and for more information please fill out the information form below.

"Gröna Ängen" mittens. Photo S. Gustafsson
"Gröna Ängen" hat. Photo S. Gustafsson
"Gröna Ängen" tam. Photo S. Gustafsson
"Gröna Ängen" wristlets. Photo S. Gustafsson

The Green Meadow is originaly designed by Anna-Lisa Mannheimer Lunn during the 1940th, recreated by Solveig Gustafsson 1999.

To recreate The Green Meadow original charts were closely studied and vintage garments carefully examined in museums and private collections to make sure that the resulting patterns and yarns would match the original Bohus Stickning garments as closely as possible.

All yarns for the Green Meadow are of 100% lambswool. The pattern yarns are naturaly colored or hand dyed by Pernille Silfverberg to match the original Bohus Stickning pattern colors. The main color is a natural gray.
We guarantee that the wool used is produced without the controversial practise mulesing. The yarn is spun at a family owned mill in Denmark.

Pattern copyright: Bohus Stickning. Pernille Silfverberg, AngoraGarnet has been authorized to continue the work of recreating Bohus Stickning after original Bohus Stickning such as Solveig Gustafsson began to do in 1999.
Read more about Bohus Stickning.  See the Bohus Stickning recreated collection.

Pattern available only with purchase of yarn kit.

The description may not be copied or used to knit garments for sale, but only used for personal use.

Kits can be ordered for The Green Meadow:
- pullover/cardigan with a round yoke
- pullover/cardigan with a straight yoke
- pullover/cardigan with patterned front(s)
- hat
- tam
- mittens
- wristlets

All pullover/cardigan kits contain sufficient yarn to knit the largest size XL. Instructions in English or Swedish are included for both pullover and cardigan sizes S to XL.

For information about prices or other questions and to purchase a kit please fill out the informational form below:

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"Gröna Ängen" pullover patterned front. Photo S. Gustafsson
"Gröna Ängen" cardigan straight yoke. Photo S. Gustafsson
"Gröna Ängen" round yoke pullover. Foto P. Silfverberg


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