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The following conditions apply to all orders made by the customer (hereinafter referred to as "you") at AngoraGarnet Silfverberg AB, org. No. 559039-8763, Nöddö Rörmyr 1, 452 97 Strömstad, Sweden (hereinafter referred to as "AngoraGarnet") on AngoraGarnet's website, apps and by telephone. The terms "we, ours and us" refer to AngoraGarnet.
By using angoragarnet.com and / or making an order, you agree to comply with the terms set forth in this document ("Terms"). Make sure you have read and understood the Terms before making your order.
In order to buy product (s) through our site you must be 18 years old. If you are under 18, you must have parents approval. By purchasing a product (s) from our product range, you agree to our Terms and Conditions, certifying that the information you provide about yourself is correct.
That products or services are provided at angoragarnet.com at a given time, isn´t a guarantee that these products or services are always available. We reserve the right to stop selling a product at any time.
We reserve the right to change these terms as needed without prior notice. The version of the terms that apply to your order is the version available at angoragarnet.com at the time you place your order.

Phone: +46 (0) 70 262 51 49
Visiting address: Boutique "Skattkistan", Skolgatan 7, Strömstad, Sweden
Postal address: Pernille Silfverberg, AngoraGarnet Silfverberg AB, Nöddö Rörmyr 1, 452 97 Strömstad, Sweden. 
Organization Number: 559039-8763
Email address: info@angoragarnet.com


We reserve the right to change prices in the web-shop at any time without notice. The prices listed in the web-shop are inclusive of statutory value aided tax, and exclusive shipping.
When ordering Bohus Stickning yarn kits via forms, prices are shown including VAT, shipping costs and payment.
Regardless of the order of delivery, customs duties may be charged depending on the country of destination and the order amount. We refer to the customs authorities of the recipient country for questions concerning these customs duties and possible customs handling charges. When using the right of withdrawal, we will not refund any customs duties and customs handling charges.
The shipping cost of goods ordered via the web-shop is clearly stated in the cashier. If the VAT changes, we reserve the right to adjust our prices and charges with the corresponding amount. We reserve ourselves for any printing and writing errors.
If we can not deliver your order in full, but need to divide it on multiple deliveries, you will not be charged any additional charges for subsequent deliveries. Eligible customs duties and customs handling charges may also apply to divided deliveries.
Prices may vary between fysical shop "Skattkistan" and online.

You can place your orders via angoragarnet.com/web-shop or in the case of Bohus Stickning yarn kits via angoragarnet.com order form as well as by email or phone. As we always require advance payment, ordering is only made when payment is made. Once you have placed your order, we will send you an order confirmation / payment registration confirmation, provided you have provided us with your e-mail address.
If for any reason we can not send your order, we will inform you as soon as possible. If we have already received payment for such an order, we will refund the current amount using the same payment method you used when making your order, as far as possible. If the refund for any reason has to be done differently, we will contact you to ensure that the refund can be made.

5.1 Advance payment to bank

Mark the payment with order number or with your name and ordered product.
You can pay to:
BG 5079-2688 or
Swish number 123 228 76 13 or
directly to bank account 8368-3,944 780 063-3
For foreign payments directly to bank account:
IBAN: SE80 8000 0836 8394 4780 0633
BIC / Swift code: SWEDSESS
Account Holder: AngoraGarnet Silfverberg AB
AngoraGarnets Name and Address:
AngoraGarnet Silfverberg AB
Nöddö Rörmyr 1
452 97 Strömstad
Bank Address:
Landsvägen 140
172 63 Sundbyberg, Sweden
5.2 Prepayment via PayPal
You can choose PayPal payment in the web-shop checkout. You can pay with PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account.
5.3 Prepayment via Payson
You can choose Payson payment in the web-shop checkout. You can pay with Payson even if you do not have a Payson account.

You are always entitled to regreat your purchase within 14 days from the date you received the item. You can claim your right of withdrawal by sending an email notification in writing to info@angoragarnet.com. There is a standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal on the Konsumentverkets website that you can use as an alternative. We recommend that you use the Consumer Agency's standard form when the right of withdrawal is invoked.
Whichever way you use, the written notice must be delivered to us within 14 days from the date you received the item in your possession. Then you must return the item at your own expense, without undue delay and within 14 days of your notification that you would use your right of withdrawal.
Return the item (s) for which you use your right of withdrawal in its original packaging. You choose your own way of returning or returning a product for which you exercise your right of withdrawal.
When returning from a country other than the EU, you must mark the parcel "Returned to sender" to avoid customs duties and customs handling charges in connection with the return.
If you choose to use your cancellation right for your entire order, we will pay back the amount you paid, including the shipping charge, but with the following reservation in case you forget to tag the return package "returned to sender" on return from country except EU. Refunds are made as soon as possible after returning being received and accepted by us. Note that we are not responsible for the cost of return shipping. If you choose to exercise your right of withdrawal regarding only part of your order, we will not refund any fees for shipping.
In case you returned goods from countries other than the EU and the return package is not clearly labeled with the text "Returned to sender" and we will therefore pay customs duties and customs handling charges in order to redeem returned goods, we reserve the right to deduct the corresponding amount from the order amount before repayment.
The right of withdrawal does not apply to custom-made goods. You will be given notice if specially manufactured goods are listed as custom made goods when ordered before the goods are shipped to you.
Any customs duties that you have paid to the recipient country's customs authority in connection with your purchase are not refunded by us.
If you have questions regarding your right of withdrawal, contact us at phone number +46 (0) 702625149, e-mail info@angoragarnet.com.

In case of exchange, complaint or return, you are responsible for the transportation risk for the returned goods. Always save the delivery slip until the return is completed. If you have requested a change of goods in connection with your return and the goods / goods are in stock, delivery of your replacement goods will take place within 3 to 10 business days from receipt of your item.
7.1 Your right to exchange
If you use your right to exchange, you will stand the return costs and shipping costs for shipping your exchanged order. If the item is incorrect or mistakenly expedited, we will be responsible for the return shipping costs.
7.2 Complaints
The law gives you the right to complain of a product within three years, provided the product was incorrect at the time of delivery. If you are not satisfied with your goods due to obvious material or fabrication errors, including damage that has occurred during transport, please inform us immediately at info@angoragarnet.com.
Please note that you must inform us about fabrication error or damage  "within reasonable time" after you discover it. If you advertise within two months from discovering the error, you have advertised within reasonable time.
If, after being in contact with us, you will return the product, ship the item to Pernille Silfverberg, AngoraGarnet Silfverberg AB, Nöddö Rörmyr 1, 452 97 Strömstad, Sweden.
Once we receive the goods you have claimed has an error or damage we will decide whether there is an error on the item. In the case of an error, we will replace you as soon as possible and no later than 30 days after we received the item from you.
For example, a knot on the yarn in a yarn skein or unevenly colored hand-dyed yarn are not  a material or fabrication error in this sense and we do not pay return shipping for return of goods because of this.

The way in which repayment occurs depends on how you chose to pay your item. Below is information about repayment regarding the respective payment methods.
If you have paid via PayPal or Payson, the amount is returned to the account from which the payment has been made.
If you have paid with Swish or to our BankGiro or bank account, please provide bank, account number and account holder you wish for the refund paid.

AngoraGarnet strives to send orders as soon as possible and as far as possible in the order they come in to us. Our ambition is to ship within 2-7 business days after we have received and confirmed your order to address within Sweden, 3-8 business days to an EU address and within 14 business days to addresses outiside the European Union. Although we strive to deliver within announced time frames, delivery due to unexpected events may take longer. If the delivery period in advance exceeds 30 days, you are entitled to cancel your purchase.
If you do not get your order to the expected delivery date - contact us by phone +46 (0)702625149 or by emailing info@angoragarnet.com
Shipment weighing less than 150g including packaging is sent as a letter.
Shipments to Sweden weighing between 150g and 2kg, max. 34cm x 24cm x 7cm including packaging are sent as ”Varubrev” with Postnord or as registered mail.
Shipments to Sweden within 2 kg or as volume more than 34 cm x 24 cm x 7 cm are sent as registered mail, or as "Skicka Lätt" or Postpaket with Postnord. Alternate shipping methods can occur. You are welcome to take contact for information about your shipment.
Shipments to addresses outside Sweden over 150g are shipped as registered mail  with Postnord. Alternate shipping methods can occur.

9.1 DELIVERIES of festival bracelets and tickets for Bohusfestivalen  

Delivery of festival bracelets to Bohusfestivalen in Strömstads 15-18 September 2022 and tickets to AngoraGarnet's activities during Bohusfestivalen ordered festival bracelets and tickets for activities during the Bohus Festival can be picked up at the festival office from 14 September 2022. Pick-up instructions: From 14 September, ordered festival bracelets and tickets can be picked up at the festival office after presentation of the order confirmation. The festival office for the Bohus Festival will be located in Kulturhuset Skagerack in Strömstad.
Write Bohusfestivalen as disciunt code and no shipping costs will be added in the payment section. Please collect you festival bracelet at the festival office at the festival.

We usually answer questions via email within 48 hours of receiving the current request.


We strive to show our products' properties, including composition and colors, as accurately as possible. However, the color you see on angoragarnet.com depends on your computer screen, mobile phone display or other display and we can not guarantee that your computer can visually show colors properly.

AngoraGarnet reserves the right to transfer or pledge payment claims to third parties, including installments ocurred in connection with the delivery of the goods.

If one or more provisions of this agreement are invalid or judged to be ineffective by any court or regulatory authority, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining contractual terms.

All intellectual property rights, such as trademarks and copyright, on angoragarnet.com, belong to AngoraGarnet Silfverberg AB or licensors such as Bohus Stickning. Any use of angoragarnet.com or its contents, including copying or storage of such content in whole or in part thereof, other than for your own personal non-commercial use, is prohibited without permission from the AngoraGarnet.

15.1 No advance payment.

We are not responsible for money, checks and stamps sent by letter.
15.2 Fraud
AngoraGarnet wants to provide the best online experience. To enable this, we must ensure that our services work optimally. You understand and agree not to:
(i) publish, transmit, distribute, upload or promote any communication or content that could harm or adversely affect our company, our business, our products or services
(ii) act in a way or use a device that limits, impedes, interferes or completely stops any other user from using or enjoying the site angoragarnet.com or affecting the site's security or
(iii) use any device or attempt to use any search motor, software, tool, agent, script, or other device or mechanism to navigate or search the site or copy content from the site.
For users who violate this clause or any other clause in these Terms and Conditions, and in case we have reason to suspect fraud, data breach and / or other forms of abuse of our Site, we reserve the right to immediately deny them access to the Website, revoke their purchase and close down their accounts.
We investigate all fraud and data scams and attempt them.

We are exempt from penalties for failure to fulfill certain obligations under these General Terms, if the failure is due in liberating circumstances as described below and the circumstance prevents, obstructs or delays execution. Relieving circumstances include measures or omissions from government, new or amended legislation, labor market conflict, blockade, fire, flood, tampering or accident event. Force majeure includes government decisions that affect market and products negatively, such as decisions on warnings, sales bans and more or an abnormal drop in the market.

AngoraGarnet is responsible for processing the personal information you provide to us, such as name, address, mobile and telephone number and e-mail address. We will process your personal information to manage your purchases, fulfill our contractual liability upon sale to you and for marketing purposes. We will process your personal information in accordance with applicable privacy laws. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.
As part of our marketing, we can analyze data, including personal information, about your purchases and activity on our pages, on social networks, and on our site. For example, we may process your personal information in order to help Google Analytics customize the ads and offers you see based on information about your previous browsing and to develop our products and services.
Because we use Google Analytics, your personal information will also be disclosed to Google. Due to this, your personal information may be forwarded to, and stored on, Google's servers located around the world. Your personal information can thus be managed on a server that is located in a country other than where you live. Google may also transfer your personal information to third parties in cases where required by law or when such third parties treat the information on behalf of Google. Google does not link your IP address with any other personal information that Google may have stored about you.
For example, data we analyze may be your most recent purchase, payment method, and account balance if you have credit with us and other information that you have provided to us as a customer. We may save your personal information after your customer relationship with us has expired for marketing purposes as described above. We will see you as a customer during the time you pay off any of your purchases, subscribe to our newsletter, use some of our services on our site or use one of our mobile phone applications. We also see you as a customer for the duration of your warranty period on product (s) that you have purchased from us.
By purchasing product (s) from our product range you agree to such processing of your personal information as stated above. You may cancel your written consent, by writing to the address given below.
It is voluntary to provide personal information. If you do not want your personal information to be used for direct marketing, please call us at +46 (0)702625149, email us at info@angoragarnet.com or write to AngoraGarnet Silfverberg AB, Nöddö Rörmyr 1, 452 97 Strömstad, Sweden, and notify us. As a customer, you may, upon written request to us at the above address, obtain information about the personal data we have stored about you and how these data are used. You also have the right to request that we correct or remove incorrect information about you.

You can set your browser to block all or some cookies or to notify you when a site uses cookies.
In order to use the webshop, your browser must support and allow cookies for angoragarnet.com. If you disable cookies for angoragarnet.com, the webshop does not work.
A cookie is a text file that is saved when viewed from a website, and at later visits, downloaded from the visitor's computer or computer-like devices, for example. mobile phones / tablet. The cookie is saved in connection with the files used by the computer's browser or corresponding software.

At www.angoragarnet.com you will find both first-party cookies and third-party cookies
Pre-launch cookies are set by the site directly invoked by the user when this specifies the site's address by entering text or clicking a link. Pre-launch cookies are used at www.angoragarnet.com to identify the user and remember the settings, such as the selected store, product listing mode (grid / list), and when making purchases.

On angoragarnet.com, cookies are used for the following third party services:
• Google Analytics (statistics)
• Facebook (social media)
• AddThis (split button)

In-depth information about what cookies are and how to clear / block cookies, visit www.aboutcookies.org

In case of disputes that we fail to resolve, we recommend that you contact the General Complaints Board, www.arn.se or Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm. We always follow their advice. You can also use the online complaint platform available on the EU Commission website: http://ec.europa.eu/odr.
For information about what rights you have as a consumer, we recommend that you visit the Consumer Agency's website www.konsumentverket.se.

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