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New prices Bohus Stickning kits from 1 June 2019

AngoraGarnet wish you all a Happy Easter 2018

with a slide show with photoes of Bohus Stickning and Silfverberg Design. Among other things, some news after original Bohus Knitting, which are soon available as kits.


Pattern for free - Fast knitted hat and mittens

Soon it will be Christmas but there's still time to knit nice presents. We offer this instruction; knit the hat in an evening and the mittens the day after. We wish you a   Merry Christmas  

5 juni 2016:

Now available as kits Bohus Stickning Canna, The Spring, The Blue Mist, The Balloons Blue & Red, Lemon on white maincolor, The Blue Shimmer on darker main color and The Bumblebee hat

For more information, to order and to see the whole Bohus Stickning Collection

11 juni 2015:

New recreation after original Bohus Stickning - Now kits for Rain Clouds (Regnmoln) are available at last!

Rain Clouds is originaly designad by Kerstin Olsson 1963, recreated by Solveig Gustafsson/Pernille Silfverberg 2014.
For more information and to purchase.

Bohus Stickning "Rain Clouds". Photo Elisabeth Holmqvist.
Bohus Stickning "Rain Clouds". Photo Elisabeth Holmqvist.

Bohus Stickning 2014

I am very happy and proud to announce that I have been authorized to continue the work of creating Bohus Stickning yarn kits that Solveig Gustafsson began 15 years ago.  The Collection.

Autumn New 2013

Reversible double-knit headband with delicate motifs.
Opposite colors on the other side. Available as yarn kits in the webshop. Click image to go too the kits in the webshop!


Double-knitted scarf and hat in two color options blue / green and red.

Shawls of the summer

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En liten rubrik.

Sjal i Glada Färger


Now we offer a yarn kit for knitting this  wonderful shadow knit shawl in a combination of natural white yarn in 100% angora yarn and dyed in bright colors in 50% angora.

Buy the yarn kit in the e-shop, click here

Elegant Sjal med Volang

Shawl/scarf 100% angora

Knit the coziest scarf of the summer:
Light, airy and stylish, this shawl in 100% angora.

Buy the yarn kit in the webshop, click here

Skuggstickad i Angora & Silke.


Wonderful shadow knit shawl in a combination of natural white yarn in 100% angora and silk yarn.

Buy the yarn kit int the webshop, click here

Springtime Outdoor Playing

Now the spring is coming. So wonderful for the children to be outdoor without having to wear overalls and big winterjackets.

Dress the beloved youngsters in angora from tip to toe. You´ll then know that they do not freeze and aren´t too warm either.
Angora regulates the temperature and the child can enjoy maximum mobility. The models are knitted by AngoraGarnets 80% angora/20% finull.


Easter 2013

With the technology double knitting, I have designed a headband with daffodils. The headband can be reversed and thus change color as the base color, the color patterns and vice versa - awesome!

For the headband I´ve used 15-20g green naturaly-dyed yarn made ​​from 100% angora and 15-20g yellow natural-dyed yarn of 50% angora / 50% lambswool.

Wrist heaters in 100% angora only 25g needed to work 2 ½.

Yarn and describtions you will find in our webshop and in the farm shop in Rörmyr. Welcome to make an appointment.



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