Lecture about Bohus Stickning 16 sep kl 19-21.30 in English language

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Lecture at Bohusfestivalen in Strömstad about Bohus Stickning 16 sep 2022 in English language.

19.00-19.45 Karin Askberger, writer and lecturer focusing on local cultural history, gives insights into the stone industry's Krokstrand and the knitters' premises.

20-20.45 Pernille Silfverberg tell about her life journey from sailor to rabbit breeder and about the entrance to needlework. About carrying on the cultural heritage, how did it come about and how is it?
An everyday life with Bohus Stickning in the spirit of Emma Jacobsson! What does that mean? Quality and accuracy are key words that naturally and obviously lead to stories about the angora rabbits, the angora yarn and the work with dyeing yarn by hand. Pernille provides insight into the BS collection's richness of variety and presents, among other things, pullovers and cardigans with round yokes, knitted from the top down, with straight yokes, fully patterned front, with pattern parts and pattern borders in wool yarn and / or angora / merino yarn.

20.45-21.30 Pernille answers all the participants' questions. Eg. What is unique about Bohus Stickning? Is it difficult to knit Bohus Stickning. What do you need to think about before choosing a knitting kit? Benefits of knitting from top to bottom? Can I knit Bohus Stickning if I have not knitted pattern knitting before? Which model should I choose in that case. Where can you get help if you get stuck?

Location: Local PAPEGOJAN (Församlingshemmet in Strömstad) 
Time: Thursday 16th of September at 19-21.30
Language English

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4 days with Bohus Stickning 
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